Will Carrodus

Marketing Manager

Will Carrodus

Will… in a nutshell

Montgomery Charles represents a (sort of) return to the financial world for me. I spent two years in investment banking before the financial crash hit, before heading to the BBC where I was able to grow and develop my passion for marketing and creating content.

It’s interesting to me that modern marketing has to come from a place of truth. Plenty of companies think the purpose of marketing is to present a glossy shop window, but if you don’t actually live your values then that approach falls apart quickly. Wealth Management is almost the ultimate manifestation of that because as soon as you actually talk to an adviser, you’ll know whether they actually care about your family and your future. We don’t have an issue with that, which makes my job easier!

I’m lucky – I work somewhere great but also live in a pretty good place too. I’m based on the edge of Dartmoor, near the sea, and it’s an amazing place to bring up kids – I have two, both of primary school age. There are lots of young families, and a good sense of community.

I was once a UK champion. Not as good as it sounds – I was the junior winner at the UK’s deaf tennis championships. I still play but I’m rubbish these days, hauling my not-very-athletic frame around for the local men’s B team. But it’s fun, which is the main thing.

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  • Bachelors of English
  • Securities & Investment Institute Level 3 Award for Introduction to Investment

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