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Please note: if you’re looking to speak to us about the proposed changes to the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance, please head here to book one of our bespoke LTA Clinics >

We know that seeking financial advice can be a big step. An Initial Consultation is a brief, informal conversation where we’ll introduce ourselves, and talk about you and your future.

There’s no charge, and there are no obligations. The conversation can go in any direction you like, but we’ll be aiming to establish:

– A rough sense of your financial position
– What your biggest reasons are for seeking financial advice
– What steps we could potentially take to help you achieve your objectives
– How our holistic, client-focussed approach can make a difference to your life (we really care about the people we advise, and we’ll demonstrate that to you)

If you’re ready to have a chat, book an appointment below. You can choose between a video chat and a phone call, and the details will be emailed to you when you’ve completed your booking.