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Mike Marigold

Mike… in a nutshell

Almost three decades ago, one of my oldest clients was told by his accountant that had he carried on in the same way, he’d be bankrupt within two years. Instead, within those same two years – with our advice – he’d turned a failing practice into a thriving business. I’m proud to call him a friend and we’ve been bound together as much in business as we have skiing in the mountains.

On Zoom calls you might see paintings by Paul Corfield, a Dorset-based artist, hanging behind me. We chose these because we love the rolling hills they depict, and his use of colour and light. Before I lived in the West Country I always hankered after the hills and the mountains. I love it here.

It’s important to me that our team actively enjoy growing their careers with us. For example, we will fund the entry fee for new qualifications staff want to gain, and provide them with paid study time, because in the long run it benefits us all.

Not many people know that I was a ski guide for the Ski Club of Great Britain for 12 years. It was my chance to ski throughout the world, guiding people on and off the backs of mountains.

A plan that’s written down is 10 times more likely for it to happen than one that’s just kept in your head. My daughter recently found such a plan that I wrote 15-odd years ago. I’d no recollection of doing it but it was gratifying to see that plenty of those plans had come to fruition…and I’m convinced it’s because I wrote them down.

More about Mike

A string of letters after your name may prove you have the technical knowledge to be a financial planner but as Mike’s clients will tell you, it is his ability to communicate clearly and provide perspective (allied to the highest industry qualifications) that makes his service exemplary.

A long list of satisfied clients for more than 25 years stand as testimony to Mike’s ability to truly understand those he represents, and thereby be in a position to provide the financial guidance they need. Mike’s philosophy is that all his clients should be able to get more ‘life out of life’. Everything is possible; it is just a case of astute and timely planning.

Mike is particularly well-acquainted with the workings of the NHS and how it directly impacts his clients. Not only does he grasp the distinct characteristics of these professions, he also appreciates that everyone is different – which is why understanding each client’s specific goals is so important. He provides a bespoke service in every sense of the word and he is supported by a hugely talented and motivated team.

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Qualifications and memberships

  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Member of the Institute of Financial Planning
  • Business Education Council – National Certificate
  • Financial Planning Certificate
  • MAQ Mortgage Advice Qualification
  • Certificate in Equity Release
  • Long Term Care Insurance Qualification

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