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Our journey (thus far!) with Montgomery Charles…

We introduced ourselves to CEO Mike Marigold at one of his promotional seminars for dentists in 2006, having been impressed with his enthusiastic presentation and his vision for retirement and beyond!

We then began our longstanding professional association with Montgomery Charles after visiting Mike and his team in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Our risk profiles and financial planning aspirations were discussed as length, having recently sold our partnership share in a successful private practice we were ready to invest prudently. An appropriate portfolio was agreed upon. We left feeling comfortable with the financial decisions taken and confident with the medium and long-term predictions presented to us.

In 2008, the global financial crash struck, and we faced financial armageddon with just twelve months to planned full-time retirement. When retirement day did eventually arrive, it came with a sense of happiness tinged with sadness to be leaving a loyal workforce and client base. Thankfully, our finances weren’t something we had to worry about by that point.

This is because Montgomery Charles were able to continually reassure us that, as a result of their accurate monitoring of the volatile nature of the marketplace, our investments had fully recovered and we were able to proceed with confidence again. To have emerged unscathed from potential financial ruin was a true test of our trust in Montgomery Charles and its resourceful leader, Mike Marigold.

We were able to realise one of our dreams forthwith by purchasing our motorhome (the first of three to date!) and pursuing our travel objectives – particularly our lengthy winter skiing sojourns into the Alps, which are so much more fulfilling than the week-long dashes of our pre-retirement days!

The last ten years have further cemented our ties. In all truth, our knowledge of investments, stocks and shares has always been elementary – but we always look forward to our frequent financial updates with Mike and continue to move forward with great confidence.

We were both honoured and delighted to attend Montgomery Charles’ twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2016. The splendour of the evening was a true reflection of the high standards afforded to its clients.

Despite some recent unexpected health issues, Montgomery Charles have reassured us greatly with advice on downsizing our property and researching the various investment options associated with equity release whilst maintaining our living standards into old age!

All in all, our decision to enter into a life-long financial partnership all those years ago was a sound one. Long may it continue. We most confidently endorse the financial advice from Mike Marigold and all at Montgomery Charles.

Chris & Annie

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