Reflections on 2023: A Year of Change, Success, and New Faces

By December 12, 2023Client Zone

After a busy year, we took a moment to reflect on how 2023 unfolded for both ourselves and our clients…

From the point of view of investments, we continued to operate in an uncertain market. This year was the first time in a decade where, for a short period of time, cash outperformed investments.  It didn’t outperform inflation, however – which was rampant at the start of year and has only just come down to reasonable levels.

Despite all this we’re very pleased to say that we effectively managed our investment portfolio and minimised the drops that others have suffered. We’re even more pleased to say that this hard work has led to a Houdini-style escape – with all of our clients making money over the last 12 months.

Growing the Montgomery Charles family

It wasn’t long ago that we were looking at new premises, believing we would need extra space to house our ever-increasing team. But working norms have changed, and we’ve changed with them! Over half our staff now spend at least two days a week doing some form of home working. The benefits of flexible working practices have been widely documented, and these changes also mean we can continue to play musical chairs in our lovely Grade II office for the forseeable future.

At the start of the year, we also had a number of staff changes and we’ve created some new positions too. The biggest challenge in filling the new roles was sheer demand – so 2023 was also characterised by the sifting of CVs, and the delivery of intensive training for those who ultimately came on board with us. The success of this training was evident at our Christmas staff celebration at The Ivy in Bath (see above image): the restaurant staff were convinced we were family and friends on a night out! It’s been great to see our close-knit team working so hard to welcome our new faces.

As ever, we’ve been impressed too by the constant flow of examinations and the new qualifications our employees continue to acquire. We have always worked hard on fostering a culture of progress and improvement, and we’re proud of our staff’s achievements.

Getting the word out

We’ve continued to run our programme of well-regarded events across the country, working with partners including MediEstates, Christie & Co, Spot On, Knights, and Humphrey & Co to deliver workshops and seminars. A huge thanks to everyone involved in those.

We also saw a rise in event attendees for the first time since the Covid pandemic, which was hugely heartening. It’s put a spring in our step for next year, during which we’ll be running an exciting programme of in-person and online events – watch this space.

Our clients: the heart of what we do

We have continued to support our client families with whatever challenges and opportunities they face in life. It really is the reason that we’re here, and the reason we put the hours in. It’s not lightly said but it’s truly felt. Thank you.

2024, we believe, is the year that our portfolios will start to truly perform. But regardless – as we always say, money has no value unless it’s doing doing something good. We hope that you’ve had an exciting and interesting year – getting more life out of life, as we like to say.

Merry Christmas – and a happy, prosperous New Year!

From all the team at Montgomery Charles



Any money invested carries an element of risk and you are not guaranteed to get back the money you invested. This article does not constitute advice and you should consult your financial adviser prior to any action.