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By December 7, 2023Testimonials

I first came across Mike when he delivered a captivating talk in the after lunch ‘graveyard slot’ presentation at a BDA retirement day seminar. It is no exaggeration to say he changed our lives.

After arranging an initial meeting with Mike, primarily about retirement and pensions, my wife and I were hugely impressed with his outlook/philosophy of financial planning, and knowledge of dental professionals’ particular needs.
It was the start of a fruitful ongoing professional – and indeed personal – relationship.

My practice had been trundling along, very happily but not very dynamically, certainly from a financial point of view,  for a number of years. In fact we were going backwards and in serious need of help.

My pension and personal financial arrangements had hitherto been somewhat ad hoc, with no real idea of how to optimise our varied money interests.

Mike very skilfully helped us to rearrange our personal affairs, alongside offering sound business planning advice for the practice.

This had an immediate beneficial financial effect with the knock-on result of a feeling of enhanced well-being and security.

His help and advice were readily available with the eventual sale of the practice some years down the line, which fully lived up/down to the expectations engendered by tales of others’ experiences.

This help and reassurance during the sale of the practice is impossible to overestimate.

I have unhesitatingly recommended Mike to the rest of my family, who are all equally impressed.

Now my wife and I feel very comfortable knowing our financial future is as secure as it can be, thanks to Mike’s expertise.


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