Dan Teare

Technical Paraplanner

Dan Teare

Dan… in a nutshell

I’m a self-confessed numbers person. I enjoy the analytical nature of figuring out how investments have performed and why, then taking this analysis and pairing it with the future market outlook to try and select the funds which will perform best for clients.

I really enjoy the investment aspect of our role. But there’s a huge amount of variety in what we do – day-to-day, this could include preparing client reviews and suitability letters, answering queries and creating financial life plans for new clients.

When you convert the work we put in into monetary terms, you can see the tangible effect this has on clients. In simple terms that could be investments, but everything we do helps them get close to achieving their overall goals.

I was once one of the fastest teenagers in the country. I could run 100m sprints in 10.5 seconds, but had to stop due to ankle issues.

Don’t argue with a toddler – they will win. With two small children life outside of work is mostly about them, but I also love sports when I can find the time.

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Qualifications and memberships

  • CII Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning – Ongoing
  • CII Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning
  • CII Level 4 Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management
  • CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
  • CII Level 3 Certificate in Regulated Financial Services Operations
  • CII Level 3 Certificate in Investment Operations
  • CII Level 3 Award in Financial Administration

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