Anthea Ballinger

Marketing Events Coordinator

Anthea Ballinger

Anthea… in a nutshell

I have a very varied and flexible role, and every day is a different challenge! I spend my day-to-day helping promote our events programme. We have events all across the country and my job involves speaking directly with a lot of the principal dentists who we know will benefit from attending. It’s hard work, but the positive feedback we get about these events is incredibly rewarding.

Your mind is your most powerful tool! My philosophy in life is that there is a positive side to everything. Although sometimes hard to find, it will be there…

I have lived in Bath since I was seven. My house here has a garden which I love spending time in…I even enjoy weeding because – unlike many things in life – you are able to do it exactly when and how you want to!

In my teens I was a huge Liverpool fan and went to Wembley to see Kevin Keegan play for England against Bulgaria. The match was cancelled due to fog but I still got a thumbs up from King Kev when he walked past me at the ground. Possibly because we shared the same haircut! (Perms were in at the time…)

I was a Cobol computer programmer in the early eighties. I used a hand punch to digitally code the computer programme I had written onto punch cards. These would be transferred by a mainframe computer on to a printout that was delivered back the next morning! I consider myself very fortunate to have been part of the evolution of computer programming.

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