Colin and Karen – January 2020

By January 10, 2020Testimonials

Years ago I attended a seminar in Bath with several speakers. The particular one I was drawn to was Mike Marigold an independent financial advisor who was running a company called Montgomery Charles which mainly dealt with dentists. The subject was “Start planning for your retirement now!”

For years previously our financial advice came from the Weslyan Society. This was a free service and suited our needs at the time. The problem was they were not independent and therefore received commission from the companies they recommended which was not always in the best interests of the client.

I returned home full of enthusiasm but there was a thorn in my side, namely my wife who is Scottish and a Maths Teacher. “Their fees are far too expensive” she declared and was extremely sceptical.

How glad we were that we decided to become clients of Montgomery Charles.
Even my sceptical wife realises the excellent benefits.

They have changed our lives wrt our financial development.
Mike’s financial advice was very sound and we now have a very healthy portfolio in which all our investments have greatly exceeded our expectations. The fees now seem minimal compared to the rewards and benefits we have now received including efficient tax reductions.

I also sold my practice to a corporate about 5 years ago and Mike supported me in the negotiations which were invaluable as he attended all meetings and managed to obtain an excellent conclusion to the acquisition of the practice.

We both now looks forward to our yearly meetings, especially last September when we discussed our retirement and provision for our children and grandchildren. Recently we have invested in Ethical funds through Mike’s advice and they in fact have performed better than ordinary funds.

You can be involved as much or as little in your investments and the risk factor you take on board. The most important factor to us is the trust we have in Mike and his team and also the friendship we have built up over the years.

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