What our clients say ...



My first encounter with Mike Marigold was at his dynamic and informative presentation as part of a B.D.A. Retirement Seminar.

I was very impressed by his holistic approach in identifying his Client's requirements, including his honest addressing of the 'Reality Check'.

Finally, I have found an I.F A. who has commendable personal qualities and a significant understanding and insight into both Dentistry and the myriad of Financial Products - to the point of continually developing efficient product packages.

Mike skillfully analysed and created a Financial Plan that has had five years to evolve, leading me through Incorporation of the Dental Practice, subsequent Sale and preparation for Retirement.

I cannot recommend Mike and his Team highly enough as I have to admit that the original Goals appeared initially unobtainable to me!

I am delighted to say that Mike's targets have been met and exceeded without any austerity!

I now feel confident and reassured with my financial plans. I am happy to unreservedly recommend Montgomery Charles. 

K T Cambs

April 2014


I would like to say thank you for all the good professional work that you are doing in streamlining the complex, self-managed portfolios of my wife and myself, now that we have retired from work as Veterinary Surgeons.

For the past many years I have tried, with no particular financial expertise to manage our savings, PEPs, ISAs and equity investments. Inevitably they became many-tailed and time consuming. They probably also became too many slow growing eggs in too many baskets.

Good fortune led us nearby to Mike Duddridge and we are much satisfied with the professional guidance and good efforts of your whole team. So now we are able to devote much more of our time to the enjoyable activities of our retirement.   Many thanks.

A & B

March 2014


A big thank you indeed to the Montgomery Charles team of Financial Advisers.

My wife and I have appreciated your help enormously in recent months since we signed up with you for financial advice.

It was good to drive down to Trowbridge initially and meet the team, and subsequently with Mike Duddridge in the Farnham, Surrey office.  Mike Duddridge is exceptionally adept at putting clients at ease and explaining things in a simple, easy to follow way.  We found him knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  He is always happy to go 'the extra mile' in explaining matters.  We  both feel a lot more relaxed and in control with financial matters.

So a big thank you from us both.

E & J B

March 2014


We wish to endorse the worth and quality of service we have enjoyed with Montgomery Charles, financial consultants. They have handled our financial portfolio with professional ease and competence.

Operating my own orthodontic practice, I placed it on the market, in order to retire. Four years later and suffering from incompetent agents, no sale was in sight.

The turning point was my attendance at a retirement conference in London, where Mike Marigold had an information point. I was immediately pointed in the direction of a decent agent and in 2010 successfully sold the practice.

In conjunction with my accountant, Mike Marigold ensured my finances were safely invested and each year, a financial review keeps me up to date on progress made.

The staff at Montgomery Charles have courteously navigated the finances for my retirement lifestyle and I am deeply grateful for their help and support.

I am prepared to be contacted to validate my recommendation.


May 2013 


The year before last I was worried about retirement planning and becoming fed up with administration and the poor performance of my self managed portfolio of funds and investments. Although I am pretty knowledgeable about these things I approached you and four other IFAs (three specialising in dentistry) for advice. You were by far the best, it was no contest.

I would recommend you to any dentist for your specialist knowledge of dentistry, clarity of thought, comprehensive, holistic approach and open and friendly manner. Good investment performance too.

The excellent staff are courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Charges are reasonable and transparent.

Altogether a real quality service.

 R C

May 2013


I have been a client of Montgomery Charles for about 18 months. Mike Marigold and his team have given superb help with financial planning for our retirement, not only for myself but for my wife who is a teacher.

I met Mike at a BDA Planning for Retirement seminar a couple of years ago. I was impressed by his approach and I found him easy to talk to and have found his staff also to be efficient and extremely helpful. Previous IFAs I have dealt with bear no resemblance. We had an extremely in-depth analysis of our circumstances and of our wants and needs for the future. Mike adopts a very holistic approach. He and his team developed a plan very much tailored for us both.

Regular reviews are an integral part of the service. Even the best of plans need reviewing and adapting and we went through a very detailed annual review at their offices recently. Very impressive. They will continue to help us to manage our assets in a similar way throughout our retirement for as long as we wish to continue.

Based on my experience so far, I can't recommend them highly enough.

Recently Retired Dentist, Bolton

April 2011


I have used Montgomery Charles for Financial Planning and have found them excellent. Mike Marigold is friendly and approachable and always talks good sense.

Although I have only been with Mike for about a year, I have found his whole team professional and efficient. I am moving to incorporate my practice and his advice has been superb. I also switched my pensions to a SIPP centre and have been very impressed with the handling of this.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mike and his team to other busy dentists.

Specialist in Periodontics and Oral Surgery, Hampshire

April 2011


I use Montgomery Charles and Mike Marigold really knows his stuff. He has a great insight into how dentists think and how the business of dentistry is conducted.

The people who work with him are pleasant and efficient and are good at nudging you to do the things you promised to do; eg. signing papers and sending them back and not leaving them lingering in the in pile.

Principal of a Practice in Essex

April 2011


I would just like to drop you a line and thank you for all the hard work you have done for me.

I feel that your professionalism and especially your fresh approach to financial planning has been invaluable to me.

I'm impressed you have such depth and knowledge of the dental business and that you are able to offer such a full and complete package of services to help with our asset management.


April 2010


Our decision to ask you to prepare a Full Financial Life Plan report turned out to be the first of several vital steps in the process of understanding exactly what our options could be over the next few years.

Despite the fact that we said we had no intention of selling the dental practice, you offered us the advice that if we could bring the profitability up this might actually be the best of our options and suggested values for the buildings and the good will far in excess of our own expectations.

What happened was extraordinary. Not only did our profits rise overnight but you got the valuations right first time. Whilst you would make no money out of us, you insisted that instead of taking the pension protection route to transfer the practice into what we both termed our "Tesco", we should sell the dental practice, go debt free and take the smaller but very agreeable part of Cheralyn's aesthetics business with us.

The practice was sold at a premium in September last year. Our new aesthetic clinic is based in our lovely Edwardian home in Sevenoaks and it is thriving despite the current economic climate. We are debt free and are very happy.

Thank you.

C & J L

March 2009


Thanks Mike and great to see you too - I found the day (Financial Life Plan Delivery) really rewarding and very much enjoyed your company.

You've got a lot to be proud of there, especially your associate Emma.


July 2010


It was good to see you on Friday, your meetings certainly give us food for thought and has made us rethink our strategy.

I would also like to express how professional your PA Sarah is. She is always very pleasant and helpful when I ring your office.

G & V M

July 2010